1 Dec


This was my Thanksgiving……


garlic, olive oil & crushed red pepper




It wasn’t anything too fancy.  Eye of round roast, some sauces and some roasted vegetables. No there wasn’t turkey. Yes there were pumpkin pies and sweet potato pies.

3 of them.

And 2 of us.

That’s what Thanksgiving is about, right?

Anyway, also at our Thanksgiving table were (not pictured) macaroni & cheese, mulled bourbon and Hawaiian rolls.

I know, I know,   I totally could have made my own rolls, or biscuits or cornbread. What would Martha, say? Well, some people can’t let go of canned cranberry  but here’s my truth: I can’t quit those delicious King’s Hawaiian rolls. So sweet, so good.


P.S. Can you believe Thanksgiving was only a week ago????


One Response to “Thanksgiving”

  1. Corrie December 7, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    Looks absolutely delicious!! It’s fancy to me. My goodness. Now I’m hungry for lunch food even though it’s only 9:24am. lol

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